What it’s like to be in an avalanche

A giant avalanche coming down Sketchy Fossen.

You may already have heard about it if you follow me on twitter or facebook, but I was caught in a big avalanche last Saturday, while on the approach to an ice climb in Norway. We were both very lucky to emerge (relatively) unscathed, but to say it was a scary experience would be quite an understatement. I just wrote a small text on what it was like, which you can find over there: The fifteen most terrifying seconds of my life.


3 thoughts on “What it’s like to be in an avalanche

  1. Stefan Jacobsen says:

    Really glad that both of you survived. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was another lesson to us all, because we all do mistakes.

  2. You lucky bastards, Alexandre.
    Beside a really good read, I am also happy you guys survived. Thanks for pointing out at the end what you did not do! Do not underestimate the avalanche danger above the icefall, as my instructor told me just two weeks ago. From 3 on (Alps, Austria), don’t do at all.
    As a sometimes mountaineer I am always feeling vary when it comes to weather and avalanche danger… And that’s simply because of a lack of experience.
    Stay safe, Bernd

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