Turning pro

Photo by Ruthie Cristobal

Changing lenses in Paris. Photo by Ruthie Cristobal.

If you’ve been following this blog lately, you must have felt a bit let down. The thing is, I have been quite busy.

First, with finishing my PhD dissertation. It has been more than three years in the making, and I thought about dropping out more than a few times, but somehow, I managed to stay on track and finish it. The final thesis is online, if you feel curious (pdf warning), but be aware that the level of gibberish-ness is quite high. I still have to defend it, probably in late November, but am otherwise completely done with academia. After nine years in university, it is a very weird feeling.

The day after handing in, I flew back to France. I had no reason to stay in Denmark and needed to be much closer to the mountains if I was to have a go at being a mountain photographer (the 172m high point of Denmark doesn’t quite qualify). Last Friday, I filed the paperwork I needed with the French treasury, which officially makes me a professional photographer!

I had been thinking of this for years, but it is only in the last couple of months that it became really obvious this was what I should do, and that there was a good chance I might actually make it work. It will be tough, for sure, but I can see it working out.

Practically, this means a lot more time for being in the mountains and shooting, so hopefully a lot more new images, posted on the blog and the newsletter. My immediate plans: mountaineering in the Écrins next week, a Magnum seminar in London in the weekend, more mountaineering in Chamonix the following week, then hop on a plane to California to go check out what the big deal is with this Yosemite place everybody keeps talking about…


James Monypenny after a victory on the Cosmiques Spur.


6 thoughts on “Turning pro

  1. Michael Hjorth says:

    We’ll all miss you here in DK, Alex!
    But, man, do I understand you – I am sure you can pull it off!

    So from me as well: Bonne chance my friend! See you some day!

  2. Stefan Jacobsen says:

    It’s a huge leap and a great chance to live your life in full. I really admire (and envy) you for making that decision. Kudos!

  3. Stefan Jacobsen says:

    It’s a huge leap and a great chance to live your life in full. I really admire (and envy) you for making that decision. Kudos!

  4. Florian Richoux says:

    Et bien ça mon grand, pour un changement…
    Je suis tombé sur ta page complètement au hasard, google m’affichant le nom d’Alexandre Buisse me rappelant un jeune chevelu en stage sur Marseille travaillant sur les automates cellulaires avec qui je partageais mon bureau.
    Je savais que tu faisais de la photo pendant des randonnées, mais j’étais loin de me douter que ça deviendrait ton métier. Dommage pour la Science, car si je me rappelle bien tu avais un sacré bon potentiel, mais il ne fait aucun doute en voyant tes œuvres que c’est tant mieux pour le monde de la photographie. En te souhaitant bon vent !

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