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As you may know, I have been spending the last few months in London (well, most of the weekdays, at least), but my stay in Britain has almost reached its end, and I will be moving back to Copenhagen at the end of the month. I also spent last weekend exhibiting at Cliffhanger and sold some prints. However, I have quite a few left, and since it would be a pain to bring them back to Denmark, I am trying to sell them quickly. So, behold the following great offers, on which I am (sadly) making almost no profit.

I have four different posters of A2 size (42x59cm or 16x23in), on 200gsm matte paper:





They are for sale at 10£ (12€/15$) each, or 35£ for all four. This does not include shipping cost (or I would be making a loss!) but it won’t be more than a couple of pounds to send it anywhere reasonable. I can sign the prints if you desire.

I also have the gorgeous A2 canvas print of Chopicalqui which was exhibited in several festivals, and which could be yours for 90£ (again, without postage).

This offer will expire at the end of the month, or when my stocks run out, so please hurry! Just leave a comment or send me an email if you are interested.

Update: The canvas print is now sold. I still have some posters left.

Update #2: I am now back in Denmark, so the offer has expired, but I still have some posters left. Contact me for pricing information.


One thought on “Special offer on prints

  1. Tomas says:


    Thanks for putting my brand new A2 Chopicalqui canvas in such a good package. I recieved it quickly (last week) and without any damage!

    And… ‘offline’ it even looks more beautifull!

    Thanks again for your friendly way of communicating and caring that good for the canvas!

    When it’s on my living-room wall I’ll definitely send you a picture.



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