(Almost) Mont Blanc on skis


The last few weeks have been extremely busy for me, as I have taken up yet another hobby and discovered a new way to enjoy the mountains: paragliding. It has been a long time coming, but things are going great, and I just celebrated today my 10th solo flight! Flying photography will probably follow at some point…

In between flights, however, I have also been climbing and skiing, shooting the Snow Leopard boys for British maker Montane (most photos from the shoot are still embargoed, however) on Dent Blanche and the Midi-Plan ridge, and most recently, attempting to ski Mont Blanc via the North Ridge of Dôme du Goûter, the so-called “Royal Route”. With friend Hulya, we reached the emergency Vallot hut early in the day, encountering a gorgeous sunrise on the way, but at 4350m and only an hour below the summit, Hulya started exhibiting signs of Acute Mountain Sickness, so we decided to go back and ski down to Chamonix. Not quite a success, but definitely not a failure!


2 thoughts on “(Almost) Mont Blanc on skis

  1. Superb photography, as usual :)

    It all looks incredible, I am coming over to Charmonix next February to try and tour a little! Let me buy you a drink if you’re around at the time.

  2. Inna G. says:

    Dear Alex,
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