Shooting the Snow Leopard for Montane


Last May, I was hired by British technical clothing manufacturer Montane to shoot two of their athletes, Jon Gupta and Nick Valentine, who happen to be good friends of mine. They were planning their big Snow Leopard expedition to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan the following summer, and wanted to use the opportunity of having a week in the Alps to do a big alpine route as training, which would provide me with the perfect shoot opportunity.

We set our sights on Dent Blanche, a fairly moderate climb in summer but a bigger undertaking in snowy conditions. Unfortunately, after slogging through most of the long approach with ridiculous packs, we were turned back by bad avalanche conditions on the Ferp├Ęcle glacier. Back in Chamonix, we waited out a spell of bad weather before shooting the first part of the classic Midi-Plan ridge. Here too, we skied part of it and climbed the rest, but again, sketchy snow conditions forced us to abort about halfway through.

Still, even though we didn’t manage to finish a route, it was two great days of skiing and climbing, and both the client and myself were very happy with the results, which were used thoroughly in the following months in their catalog, workbook, website and tradeshow material. Now that the embargo is over, here are some shots.


3 thoughts on “Shooting the Snow Leopard for Montane

  1. Awesome images again Alex. You really get the feel of the beauty of the mountains. Love the lighting on both eyes of the close up portrait. Hope Montane liked your shoot. Have a great spring.

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