Shooting in Nepal for Nissan


As the beautiful country of Nepal is hit by a terrible earthquake, here are some images of a happier time, a project shot for Nissan Europe to promote the release of their updated X-Trail 4wd. Titled “The Five Elements of Adventure”, we spent a week last November following the four happy winners of an Instagram competition, along with mountain guide Matt Walker, as they experienced some of the most fun adventure sports that the country has to offer: pendulum jumping, canyoneering, mountain biking, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. And it didn’t hurt either that both the landscapes and the local people are truly amazing.

The video team produced a great film, which you can watch on Vimeo On Demand: The Five Elements of Adventure. All proceeds from the movie will go desperately needed relief efforts in Nepal.

Here are some of my favorite images from the trip. Enjoy!


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