Shooting for Vaude on Tour Ronde


I had been talking with people from the big German outdoor brand Vaude about a shoot since ISPO, last January, and at the end of last September, we finally got the opportunity to work together. They wanted a winter alpine shoot in Chamonix and luck was on our side, as big storms plastered the mountains white in the days before our shoot.

With limited options, we elected to go climb the classic and not too hard SE ridge of Tour Ronde, on the Italian side of the range. It was totally different (and more interesting, I think) than when I climbed it in July, as the deep snow turned it into an interesting snow/mixed route. Doing it with good friends like Hulya and Francis certainly didn’t hurt either! The weather, initially very good, turned on us, and additional worries about avalanche conditions and not missing the last bin compelled us to descend the normal route at its junction with the ridge, rather than keep going to the very top. Still, a very successful shoot and some really cool images!


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