“Remote Exposure” is here!


I am very happy to report that I received a few days ago the advance copy of my book, Remote Exposure, subtitled “A guide to hiking and climbing photography“. I had of course seen pdf layouts, but it is an entirely different experience to hold it in my hands. The printing, as has come to be expected from Rocky Nook, is really beautiful and were it not for its somewhat reduced physical size, it could almost pass for a coffee table book.

My copy was shipped directly from the printer, but the rest shouldn’t be too far behind, at most a couple of weeks. You can still pre-order it on amazon to get it as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, here are a few photos:






4 thoughts on ““Remote Exposure” is here!

  1. Sol says:

    My copy is already on order – has been for quite a few weeks. Amazon is stating that the current expected despatch is 15th April

  2. @Sol: the delivery date was changed after some printing delays but I believe it is a worst case scenario, and that books should be shipped earlier than that. Keeping fingers crossed for early deliveries :)

  3. Just ordered my copy too. Congrats Alexadre. I hope you cover, “How to get everyone on the rope team to stop slogging up the ice field so you can take a photo when you can barely breath to begin with!”


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