“Remote Exposure: A guide to Hiking and Climbing Photography”, status update


You might remember that last December, I announced I had gotten a publishing contract with Rocky Nook for a book on hiking and climbing photography. Well, I haven’t been idle since then, but I realized I haven’t talked much about it. So here’s an update on where things are.

  • As you can see at the top of this blog entry, a title has been agreed on, and a cover designed. I really like the wordplay in the title, and the gorgeous design makes me very hopeful that RE (as I’ve nicknamed it) will double as a coffee table book.
  • The first draft of the entire text is more or less finished. It is just missing a couple of small sections on safety and a proper introduction. This was the hardest for me, and I can now start the much more enjoyable process of editing and rewriting. This would be akin to postprocessing a photo, I guess, and that’s where the magic happens, turning something good into something really beautiful.
  • I already have all the photos I need, but since the deadline is September 1st, I am hoping to bring a few more from some Alpine trips this summer. It was a good thing I did so much climbing during the spring, as I was a bit lacking in rock climbing images.

So what about the content itself? Here’s a small rundown of each chapter:

  • Introduction: A foreword by Cory Richards followed by a small motivation of the book and a discussion of who it is designed for.
  • Gear choices: It is hard to take photographs if you don’t have enough equipment, but hard to climb if you have too much… This chapter discusses cameras, lenses, bags, batteries, filters and the rest.
  • Shooting: All the considerations revolving around the shoot itself, including how to care for your gear, when to take pictures and how to properly expose in the mountains.
  • Creating a compelling image: Knowing how to operate your camera is only the easy part, finding out what to shoot is much harder. Vision, composition, quantity vs quality, storytelling and practical tips are all discussed.
  • Discipline specific: hiking, camping, rock climbing and mountaineering all have different requirements, discussed separately here.
  • Advanced techniques: Night photography, HDR, panorama stitching and Video are all advanced topics briefly touched upon here.
  • Closing thoughts: A few more pages on ethics, photomanipulations, safety and environmental considerations.

Publication is scheduled for March 2011, and I can’t wait!


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