Peak Design Pro Shooter (and contest giveaway)


After over a year of trashing thoroughly testing their products, I am glad to join the newly created Pro Shooter roster of Peak Design. They are best known for the amazing little device called the Capture Camera Clip but also recently came out with slings/tether systems, the Cuff and especially the Leash.

While shooting in the mountains, it is of course crucial to have easy access to my camera, but also to be able to store it in a way that is non-intrusive when I am busy climbing or skiing. Though I still use the ThinkTank Skin bag system (see my review from a few years back), I almost always have the camera on a Capture fixed to my climbing harness, and tethered to a gear loop via a Leash.

While I don’t (yet) have a full review of either devices, the launch of the pro team is an opportunity by Peak Design to give some free stuff away. On Wednesday, April 17th (aka today), they are focusing on yours truly and will give one of my prints by the end of the day, along with a full Capture/Cuff/Leash system. For all the important details and instructions on how to enter, see their facebook page, or go straight to the contest page.

Good luck!


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