New River Rendezvous


At the end of last month, I had the opportunity to attend the famous New River Rendezvous, now in its 9th edition. It is both a climbing festival and a fundraiser for the NRAC (New River Alliance of Climbers) and featured a lot of awesome events (including the legendary dessertapalooza, sugar overdose guaranteed) but also some of the best climbing on the East Coast of the US and of course, a bunch of great people. It was a good opportunity for me to see some of my friends from the AAC International Meet, two years ago in Indian Creek, and also to meet a lot of new people (including Chris Sharma, climbing super star and all around nice guy).

I didn’t climb very well, it rained a fair bit – though apparently not too much by local standards – and I was jetlagged the whole weekend, but still had an awesome time! I also taught a one day climbing photography clinic which was very successful, so expect to see more of those in the future.

There is a gallery of images from the event, but here are some personal favorites:











4 thoughts on “New River Rendezvous

  1. Ha, and who will take the photographs showing Alexandre climbing?

    Interested, but it’s far beyond my capabilities… so somebody else has to jump in.

    Alexandre, thanks for all the photographs, as usual they are of outstanding quality, at least for me as an amateur.

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