Mountain biking Aiguillette des Houches


One of the few adventure sports I used not to practice so much was mountain biking. Unfortunately, I found myself in possession of a real nice bike from Genesis last summer and, with cycling one of the few things I could do this summer with my bad knee, have been busy logging some miles around Chamonix and discovering just how fun it can be.

Nothing could prepare me to what real bikers can do, however! A few weeks ago, I headed to Brévent with the amazing Tim Moniot and Tito Tomasi for a tour to Aiguillette des Houches and down to Parc de Merlet. While I hobbled along, pushing my bike on 80% of the terrain, they were just ripping the ultra-technical and exposed trails. Some pretty good shots ensued, especially as the Aiguillette offers gorgeous backdrops of Mont Blanc and the whole range.



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