K2 bound!

Ulrik Hasemann climbs to the Upper Torre glacier at sunrise, while the summits of Fitzroy, Poincenot and Saint-Exupery barely show. El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina.

Well, it’s now official: I will shortly be attempting to climb the second highest mountain in the world, K2, at 8611m. It’s a much harder (and more interesting) affair than Everest, as the route is steeper and more technical, the weather harsher and there are significant objective dangers. To date, there have been only about 340 summits, compared to Everest’s nearly 7,000!

I will be joining Madison Mountaineering‘s team as a high altitude cameraman and photographer, and will especially focus on Vanessa O’Brien, the current female speed record holder for completion of the Explorer Grand Slam (7 Summits + both Poles), and who will attempt to become the first American woman (and first British woman to make it back down alive) to summit the mountain. We leave next week and won’t be back before middle of August, but Base Camp should have an internet connection, so I will hopefully be able to share some images along the way.

It will be a very exciting and challenging new adventure, so soon after the North Pole, and I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “K2 bound!

  1. Yooo!! MAte… Just realised this now! Been so friggin busy with my move to NZ that I have been missing a lot on what is going on in the world! Ehehe! Anyway… I am really excited for you Alex… This must feel like one of those of a lifetime. So… All the best and fire some images out as soon as you can and are allowed. More than anything, make sure you come back… I still need some more inspiration for teh rest of our lives.

    Last… Gave a 1h30m talk last week on adventure photography and you were obviously mentioned. Thanks for the kicking, the inspiration, showing the way.

    Stay (not safe) alive… Have Tons of Fun… Bring some inspiring next level imagery! :)


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