I’m back! (Also, the first Nepal images are online)


I finally came back to Denmark two days ago, after an epic 25h of international travel which almost saw me denied boarding in Heathrow because the airline clerk thought I was about to collapse on the spot and wasn’t medically fit to fly… Along with me traveled 5800-odd photos, and I spent much of the past couple of days sorting through them and trying to get a better idea of what, exactly, I had brought back.

It will of course take months to process even just the best ones, especially with so many panoramas, stitched images and a few HDRs, all of which are extremely time-consuming. That said, I needed to make a first selection for Jagged Globe to consider using in their various brochures, and I have put the best bits of that selection online for all to enjoy. It is biased toward people/action pictures, with almost no landscapes (and boy, do I have some good landscapes waiting!) but it should at least give an idea of what the trip looked like. Without further ado, go take a look at the 19 photos of the gallery Khumbu Select.

As a reminder, even though I will post blog/news items whenever a big batch of photos are added to this website, you can also follow the daily trickle of photos on my photoblog, Aperture First. I expect it will be more or less pure Nepal for the months to come.


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