So far, spring had been kind to me: a long sport climbing trip to the south of France, and new destinations pretty much every weekend, be it the Peak District, Wye valley or Glencoe. My latest project was to try and solo the famous Cuillin ridge, on the Isle of Skye, an ambitious but achievable goal, assuming weather was on my side.

I got the forecast I was hoping for on Friday and made a quick dash for Skye, arriving in Glenbrittle 24h later, then setting off at the rather early time of 2am. Despite strong winds and a few short rain showers, weather was very good, and I was even faster than I had hoped. After a few hours, as I left some of the hardest bits behind me, I started to believe I could actually make it. Until bad luck stroke: on a section of easy ground, I badly rolled my ankle, hearing a distinct cracking sound. I managed to descend on loose scree slopes and then make my way back to London, but the swelling (and past experience) leaves little doubt that this is at least a serious sprain, or possibly even a small fracture.

Nothing Earth shattering, but it will probably mean I have to take it easy with my climbing in the weeks to come. Probably a good opportunity to spend some more time working on the book (which is progressing nicely, by the way) and work on some of my secret long term projects :)