Freesolo – an original webseries with Mich Kemeter for EpicTV

Though I do prefer shooting stills, I often have video projects going on, and you can find the entire list on the motion page. The most ambitious to date is a 6 episodes webseries I shot for EpicTV who is investing heavily in adventure/extreme sports right now. As the name of the series suggests, the theme was simply “freesoloing”, focusing on the unprotected climbing and highlining of Austrian athlete (and good friend) Mich Kemeter. After a false start in Verdon in early June with terrible weather and conditions, we spend two intense weeks touring Mich’s native Austria and finished in Italy’s beautiful Arco.

The first five episodes have been released in the previous few weeks, and the series finale is coming up in just two days, on Wednesday, with some really, really cool action rarely captured on camera. You can find all the episodes on EpicTV, on the motion page of this website, or simply follow these links:

  • Trailer – what it’s all about
  • Episode 1 – meet Mich Kemeter
  • Episode 2 – climbing exposed multi pitch routes in Verdon
  • Episode 3 – climbing easy single pitch in Zillertal
  • Episode 4 – climbing hard routes, up to 8a, near Graz
  • Episode 5 – highlining in Steinplatte
  • Episode 6 – coming up…


Due to the website redesign, I have removed the motion page. If you want to watch any of the videos, please get in touch and I will send you direct links!


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