Free and complete introduction to photography class!

Bush plane in the Alaska Range

Back last summer, I taught a free online introduction to photography class on the social website reddit. It was aimed at photography beginners and enthusiasts, as well as people who had just acquired a DSLR for the first time but didn’t really know how to exploit its potential.

The course ran very successfully, in 30 small parts and even with some assignments. In order to make this great resource more widely available (as well as more readable), I have begun re-importing all the lessons on this website. You can see this work in progress at the new dedicated address: Introduction to photography class. You can start reading the lessons now or wait for me to be done copying and reformatting content (which should take a few days/weeks). I will keep updating the index page, so it’s probably easiest to link/bookmark this.

And dear reader, if you can help spread the word about this to any place and online communities which you think might be interested, I would be extremely grateful!


2014 edit: the photoclass now has a new home on Enjoy!


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