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You will probably remember Craft and Vision as the publisher of my ebook on adventure photography, Extreme Perspectives. Their model is simple: produce high quality, original content in easy to read and beautifully laid out ebook format, and sell it for a very low price, usually only $5.

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by C&V’s founder and spiritual father (as well as badass humanitarian photographer and writer), David DuChemin. He asked all the current C&V authors whether we would be keen on each contributing an essay on the topic of our choice, to be then assembled into a big ebook and given away, for free. No caveat, no small print, no time limit or even “like us on facebook first” (though I believe you need an email address for checkout). It may sound a bit crazy, but if I have learned one thing from the internet, it’s that the more you give away freely, the more good things happen to you. It was after all from giving away my article on mountain photography to the website the Luminous Landscape that I landed my publishing contract for Remote Exposure.

So I jumped in, and while traveling in London in September, I wrote a 2000 words essay on a topic I have thought about for a while, the importance for “advanced” photographers to share their work and receive feedback and criticism. And of course, when I tried to give a bit of context and define things better, the essay evolved organically into something more comprehensive, examining on the way the different stages in the life of a photographer.

Well, the ebook has been released a couple of days ago, and it has essays by David DuChemin, Piet Van den Eynde, Andrew S. Gibson, Nicole S. Young, Stuart Sipahigil, Eli Reinholdtsen, Michael Frye and myself. And all of those are definitely worth a read!

You can head over there, pay the awesome amount of 0$ and start reading right away: Craft and Vision.

And don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought of my contribution, I always love to get feedback (even, or maybe especially, bad one).


One thought on “Free Craft and Vision ebook launch

  1. Hello Alexandre,
    I just read your contribution to the new Craft & Vision book (I learned about it through Micheal Frye’s blog), and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Your insight about the various stages of photography brought a smile of recognition to my face! I am in the midst of a transition from third stage to fourth stage – and it is nice to see what I am going through explained to me in a way I can understand ;)
    I’ll be reading your blog from now on, as I can see you have great insight into the mental side of photography (as well as having a wonderful portfolio).

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