FA attempt on Petit Capucin and ski shoot on Vallée Noire


With good weather back in the past couple of weeks, we have finally been able to go do proper stuff in the hills, and I have been very busy lately. Beside all the warm rock climbing (including the two biggest granite classics of the range, Rébuffat-Baquet on Aiguille du Midi and Contamine on Pointes Lachenal), the highlights have been twofold. First, it was an honor to accompany superman Jeff Mercier on his attempt to open a new mixed line on the very steep north face of Petit Capucin. Unfortunately, a very blank section shut the attempt down after four pitches of high level drytooling and ice smears runout climbing. Though I was only belaying/following/shooting, it was eye opening to see what strong and bold climbers can get up. The development of drytooling is certainly shaking things up!

A week later, I teamed up with Italian guide Jimmy Sesana for a ski shoot on the classic Vallée Noire, the Italian variation of Vallée Blanche. With fresh snowfall 36h earlier and a cloudy day previously, we hoped for some powder, but temperatures were so high that we mostly skied the most incredibly awful crust almost all the way down. Still, we got first tracks, some really good images and first-class banter, so no complaining on my end!

Enjoy some images from both adventures.


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