“Extreme Perspectives”, my new ebook on mountain photography


For a few years now, I have been an admirer of David duChemin, who is not only a great photographer but also a very successful author and teacher. His book Visionmongers in particular was incredibly useful to me when charting my future career as a professional photographer. David, with his manager Corwin Hiebert, is also the founder of the ebook publishing house Craft and Vision, with a few releases every year of very high quality, fairly short ebooks for only 5$.

After working on it for quite a few months, I am very glad to announce that my new ebook has been published by Craft and Vision. It is titled “Extreme Perspectives” , is 34 double pages and deals with, you guessed it, mountain photography. In many ways, it can be considered as a very condensed version of Remote Exposure, though the text is 100% new (some of the photos are common to both titles). One of the key differences, beside the obvious size, is that Extreme Perspectives has a number of image studies, telling the story of some of my favourite photos and the lessons I may have learned from making them.

You can pick it up on the Craft and Vision website as a PDF (and soon an ipad app). The price is a mere 5$ and if you decide to buy before May 15th at 23:59 PST, you can use the discount code EXTREME4 to get 1$ off. And as always, I would love to hear your thoughts, both good or bad!


3 thoughts on ““Extreme Perspectives”, my new ebook on mountain photography

  1. Tim Anderson says:

    I really loved the ebook. I’m not a mountaineer, but I’m getting into photography, particularly landscapes, so I found it really inspiring. I’m definitely going to get into some tramping though.

    Now to save up and buy Remote exposure (I’m a poor student, with next to no disposable income).

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