Extreme mixed climbing video


As you might remember, I spent a week last February in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. I did some mixed climbing myself but mostly shot and filmed Danish badass Kristoffer Szilas as he was making several M9 and M10 ascents. I have finally edited all the footage into a nice 8 minutes movie of him climbing the classic line “Twin Towers” (M10). Have a look over here, or in the dedicated motion gallery, though you will have to go to vimeo if you want the HD version (which I really recommend).


5 thoughts on “Extreme mixed climbing video

  1. Finally, my internet connection (or was it the browser?) allowed me to watch your video. Fantastic, Alexandre!
    Spectacular views, especially the camera on the helmet.
    Little question, how often did Kristoffer climb to get the video done? My guess: 5 times?
    Good luck and hand for your professional future!

  2. Thanks Bernd! If I remember correctly, Kristoffer redpointed the route on his third try, and then climbed it five or six times more for the camera. He certainly worked harder than me :)

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