Come play the summit game!


I’ve always enjoyed the games you occasionally find online, asking you to identify various summits in a photo. The easy ones are cool because they make me feel knowledgeable about an area, but I really enjoy the harder ones, as it’s time to dig into maps, weird google searches and sometimes even libraries.

Well, to celebrate Christmas, New Year and whatnot, I have launched my own edition. It will run from today until the 18th of January, with new summits to guess every three days. You’ll find all the relevant information on the 2014 summit game page and on this facebook post (which you can reshare for an extra point). And there are also two cool prizes to win, a fine art print of Chopicalqui (value 380€) and a signed copy of my latest book (value: 30€).

I hope you have as much fun guessing as I had designing this game!


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