Blog redesign, improved readability

Malangphulang from Lobuje Base Camp, Khumbu, Nepal.

Though it seems people have been fairly happy with the website and its associated blog in their current form (launched in late 2009), one complaint kept coming back: the text was difficult to read, especially in white over a black background. After spending some time on the issue and asking the excellent reddit people over on /r/webdesign, here comes a new, redesigned version. The most obvious change is the background colour, now a light grey, but there were actually lots of small changes in font and spacing which should hopefully contribute toward a better reading experience.

As usual, bugs and glitches may persist for a while, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or send me an email if you see anything that needs fixing. Thanks!


One thought on “Blog redesign, improved readability

  1. Very easy to read, correct font size, nice borders, love the shadow, excellent photos of course. We just lost all our photos on due to an Error 404. So we are looking at this type of site. Looks Good!

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