Black Diamond website, Remote Exposure status



For the second time this year, Black Diamond is using some of my images on their website. One of the photos is of a mess tent in front of Ama Dablam by night, in Pokalde base camp. The other one is of the Aiguilles de Chamonix shortly after a big storm last June. They are used on BD’s website on respectively their Journal homepage and on their Giving Back pages. I had the opportunity to visit Black Diamond’s headquarters and American factory in Salt Lake City in 2009, and I was really impressed, as not only are they making some seriously cool gear on which my life frequently relies, but they are also really cool outdoor people who share my passion for climbing (and skiing).

In other totally unrelated news, I have more details about the release of Remote Exposure: the shipment of books is on its way to the Rocky Nook warehouse and will very soon be released in the US. Amazon conservatively says April 15th, though there are good chances it will be earlier than this. Unfortunately, it will take some additional time (about 3-4 weeks) before they arrive at the British distributor, which will then cover Europe. Still, if you pre-ordered it, you should receive your copy (along with my gratitude) by mid-May at the latest. To say I am excited to know how it will be received would be quite an understatement…


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