An Icelandic Easter

Wild winds and snow across the fjord at Borgarnes.

An Icelandic horse in the Hóp bay.

Last week, Ruthie and I headed to Iceland for a quick Easter break. It was the first time that either of us had been there, despite having both dreamed about going for years. The weather was characteristically cold, windy and moody (including snow, rain, 100km/h winds and big sunshine all within an hour) but fun was had by all. In order to make the most of our limited time, we rented a car after one day in Reykjavik and headed up north, first to Akureyri (the second biggest city on the island) and then lake Myvatn. Our plans of going whale watching in Husavik were foiled by the high winds, but the views across the fjords made up for it. Finally, on the last evening, I gave a very nice slideshow at the Icelandic Alpine Club. All I can say is that I really wish to be back soon!

In the meantime, enjoy a selection of my images from the trip!

(Note: hover on an image to read the caption, and click for high resolution)

View from the Reykjavik harbor.

A scout march in Reykjavik, to celebrate Easter.

The view from the Reykjavik harbor.

The lavish new Reykjavik Opera House.

Mossy volcano near Borgarnes.

A fence near the crater of a volcano.

Running to the top of a volcano on the road to Akureyri.

The road to Akureyri.

Ruthie near Blönduós.

Geothermal power plant near Myvátn.

Myself jumping across the chasm in Grótagjá, near Myvátn.

High winds across Husavik.

A beach in Husavik.

Gulls play in the wind near Husavik.

The powerful waterfall of Gaddafoss.

Details of the Goddafoss waterfall.

Icelandic horses minding their own business in Hóp.

Looking inland from the Hóp bay.

A fence in the Hóp bay.

Hvitsekur, in the water.

Snowfall and volcanic ashes near Borgarnes.


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