A great honor: wallpapers for Alpinist magazine


In the world of climbing and outdoor magazines often riddled with ads, printed on thin paper and with relatively shallow articles, there is one publication that really stands out: the quarterly American magazine Alpinist, often closer to a thin illustrated book than to a real mag. Not only is it great to keep in touch with cutting edge mountaineering (which doesn’t get reported nearly as well as more quantifiable sport climbing and bouldering ascents), but it is also an amazing source of inspiration. I always know that within minutes of picking any issue up, I will be psyched to go climbing something big and scary. As a photographer, I also really appreciate that they promote such good and creative photography and pay special attention to their printing on beautiful, thick paper. It is the only magazine I am subscribed to, and I even went as far as paying good money to acquire some of the back issues (sadly difficult since a fire destroyed most of them a few years ago).

For all these reasons, I am very happy to report that their web editor chose a selection of my images for the wallpapers that they make available on their website. You should go take a look over there: Alpinist wallpapers.


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