Paragliding from Dôme des Écrins


After Dôme du Goûter earlier this summer, I had the pleasure to fly among another gorgeous set of mountains, with a take off from 4015m Dôme des Écrins, the second highest summit of the range (also home to la Meije) and a big mountaineering classic, since the normal route only involves moderate snow slopes and is accessible to most beginners. On the downside, though, it is heavily crevassed and serac-threatened in some parts.

It was a two days affair, a 6h walk to the Refuge des Écrins on day 1, then another 1000m of ascent by night, arriving on the summit shortly after sunrise, with nearly perfect winds for takeoff. And I have to say trading a knee-breaking 5 hours descent for a scenic 20 minutes flight is a deal I’m willing to make again and again!

Now, if only I could get a shot at a Mont Blanc flight before leaving for the US in just two weeks, that would be a perfect end to the season.

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