BASE and wingsuit at Monte Brento


The past few weeks have been hectic, and it doesn’t look like things will get much better in the near future, with alpine climbing, paragliding, tradeshows or long rock routes pretty much every day of the summer at the moment. With a short lull in the storm right now, I finally caught up on processing of the shots I took while hanging around the Monte Brento BASE exit in Arco, Italy, at the beginning of July.

While shooting BASE jumping can be very frustrating, as it goes so fast, the subjects disappear from lens range incredibly quickly, and there are few opportunities each day, Brento is so popular that I got carloads of 15 or so jumpers every couple of hours, perfect to experiment with angles, light and compositions. I haven’t had time yet to work on compositing the high speed bursts, but here is a small selection of single frames. Enjoy!

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