Highlining, BASE jumping and solo climbing in Verdon


After shooting him freesoloing in Taft Point last year, it was a pleasure to meet Mich Kemeter again for a week of shooting in Verdon, the famous gorges in the south of France. The plan was very loose, we only knew it would involve the three sports Mich is fond of: highlining (slackline walking very high off the ground), BASE jumping (throw yourself off a cliff and try to remember to open your parachute before you hit the ground) and climbing, with and without a rope.

Despite a very variable weather, we managed to get a lot of cool things done and some great shots were captured. The great thing about Verdon is that it’s a hub of sorts for many vertically-attracted people, and we spent the week hanging around with many people, including the “Flight of the Frenchies” Tancrède Melet and Julien Millot, speed rider and photographer Pedro Pimentel (who taught me how to stand on a slackline in less than 10 minutes!), highliners Nadeem Al-Khafaji and James Clulow, fellow aid climber Mathieu Perrussel and many other old and new friends.

In no particular order, I shot a 25m highline, a 12m solo highline, a 60m highline, the first spaceline in Verdon (strands of 25, 55 and 65m!), a redpoint attempt on Claudia (8a), solos of Durandal (last pitch, 6a) and Wide is Love (6a), and a number of BASE jumps from two different exits. At the very end, I also climbed the classic aid line Castapiagne Rouge (given at A3/180m), a fitting conclusion to a formidable week!

As usual, here is a gallery of the trip.

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