Summer arrives tomorrow – Patagonia bound


It had been too long without a good expedition to some exciting new locale. To remedy this, I will be leaving the ridiculously cold temperatures in Chamonix in less than 48 hours for the very southern tip of South America. I will spend the first two weeks shooting the Patagonian Expedition Race, also known as the “Last Wild Race”, a truly insane 10 days suffer fest comprising biking, kayaking and trekking through the most remote parts of a very wild country. Though I won’t be competing (thank god), just photographing it should provide plenty of epicness and adventure, as found D. Scott Clark in last year’s race.

Once the race is over, on February 25th, I’ll team up with Tony Hoare to head to perhaps the most mythical range in the world in El Chalten, home to Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitzroy. We may do some climbing if the weather gives us the opportunity, but even if we only get a glimpse of the Torres, we’ll be happy.

I’ll be back in early March, hopefully fit and ready to go ski touring and winter climbing!

In the meantime, enjoy some images I shot yesterday of the Kandahar downhill ski race yesterday, part of the World Cup. Watching skiers go 120km/h on an icy slope by -20ÂșC certainly is a unique experience!