Alpkit/Remote Exposure competition winners


Last month, British gear company Alpkit ran a small competition to celebrate the release of my book Remote Exposure. The deadline for entry was May 22nd and winners have now been chosen (randomly from the pool of correct answers). Here are the lucky three, winning respectively a copy of the book, an A3 print and an A4 print, all of them signed of course:

  1. Barry Stewart, from Glasgow
  2. Laura Griffin, from South Wales
  3. Adam Steele, from Norfolk

Congratulations to all three!


“Extreme Perspectives”, my new ebook on mountain photography


For a few years now, I have been an admirer of David duChemin, who is not only a great photographer but also a very successful author and teacher. His book Visionmongers in particular was incredibly useful to me when charting my future career as a professional photographer. David, with his manager Corwin Hiebert, is also the founder of the ebook publishing house Craft and Vision, with a few releases every year of very high quality, fairly short ebooks for only 5$.

After working on it for quite a few months, I am very glad to announce that my new ebook has been published by Craft and Vision. It is titled “Extreme Perspectives” , is 34 double pages and deals with, you guessed it, mountain photography. In many ways, it can be considered as a very condensed version of Remote Exposure, though the text is 100% new (some of the photos are common to both titles). One of the key differences, beside the obvious size, is that Extreme Perspectives has a number of image studies, telling the story of some of my favourite photos and the lessons I may have learned from making them.

You can pick it up on the Craft and Vision website as a PDF (and soon an ipad app). The price is a mere 5$ and if you decide to buy before May 15th at 23:59 PST, you can use the discount code EXTREME4 to get 1$ off. And as always, I would love to hear your thoughts, both good or bad!


Win a signed copy of “Remote Exposure” in the Alpkit competition!


In order to celebrate the release of ”Remote Exposure” in the UK, I associated with the British gear manufacturer Alpkit to offer a small competition with three cool prizes to win: a copy of Remote Exposure, an A3 print and an A4 print of your choice, all signed by the author (that would be me). The competition itself is very simple, you simply have to answer three fairly easy questions to put your name in the hat.

Alpkit is a bit of an oddity in the outdoor gear market, as their business model is to find ways to make cool equipment for very low prices and sell those at very affordable prices. Their headlamps and camping kit have had very good reputation for a while, and I personally love my figfours for indoor drytooling. Definitely check them out if you don’t know them already.

As for the competition, it’s over there and you can enter until May 22nd. Good luck!